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NOBILE 2HD - 2017

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NOBILE 2HD - 2017

For whom? For devoted fans of speed and big air

Style: Freeride / Freestyle

Size (cm): 134x42,5 | 137x43

Main features:
– Full control at high speed
– Strong edge grip
– Massive pop
Flex (1-10): 9

Rocker line: Double Hydrodynamic Bottom construction

2HD (Double Hydrodynamic) is the fastest Nobile board. It travels on the water like the fastest motorboat, and when you want to lift-off, it performs like a rocket. The unique bottom pattern of 2HD has been adjusted to make the water resistance as low as possible resulting in an extremely fast board which planes immediately. Furthermore, the properly designed flex and torsion resistance, thanks to the use of Nobile’s Pre-Stress technology, guarantees exceptional edge grip, even at extreme speed. The 2HD also has unbelievable pop. It’s an extremely stable board which reacts fast to rider input and, in the right conditions, you can break speed and big air records on this board.

– Super-fast and efficient freeride board for flat water
– Superior upwind abilities
– Rigid but comfortable flex pattern for balanced power
– Pop grower tech for massive jumps
– It’s all about speed

Board set includes:
– Click’N’Go IFS
– Click’N’Go G10 Fins
– Grab Handle