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SROKA Hydrofoil Kitefoil Freeride kitesurf 2016

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Sroka titanium freeride hydrofoil with the Sroka kitefoil board

  • This year Sroka brand presents the new Sroka titanium freeride hydrofoil for kitesurfing. The best hydrofoil in the market for the beginners and those who is looking for an easy to learn and ride hydrofoil. Not everyone is looking for the competition and high speed hydrofoil. There are many of us that simply is looking for discovering this new and beautiful activity Kitefoiling. Meanwhile if you will choose the hydrofoil that is dedicated for competition and ery high speed you might be deceived very quickly. This is why we are the first brand that thought of developing and producing the hydrofoil for every rider. And this year Sroka Freeride hydrofoil consists titanium fuselage. It will assure the rigidity of your equipment. Also the front and back wings of Sroka kitefoil is made of high quality carbon. Sroka compagny also once again proved that research and development is very important and so this year we have worked on simplifing and making it easier to assemble our hydrofoil mounting system. Sroka hydrfoil is very well knonw for its best hydrofoil board. 2016 Sroka hydrofoil board model has a new graphic design. Our this years board is also lighter and more rigid. 
  • Program
  • Free ride, Beginner to confirmed
    • Level
    • Beginner to confirmed
      • Mat materials
      • Anodized aluminium Mast

      • Case
      • Probox
      • Fuselage length (cm)
      • 60 cm
      • Fuselage diameter (cm)
      • 2 cm
      • Fuselage materials
      • Titanium

      • Scale fin front (cm)
      • 56 cm
      • Weight
      • 3 Kg / 6.6 Lb
      • Front fin materials
      • Carbone
      • Scale Stabilizer (cm)
      • 32 cm
      • Materials Stabilizer
      • Carbone
      • Fins
      • Carbone
      • Material
      • Titanium, carbon, aluminium,


      • Package content
      • Mast, front and rear wing, fuselage and protection pocket